Everyday Legends: How to Supercharge Your Strengths – Interview With Debra Russell

Everyday Legends: How to Supercharge Your Strengths – Interview With Debra Russell

Hi everyone,

Happy October! Today we are continuing our Everyday Legends series with a very exciting interview with Debra Russell. Debra is my personal coach whom I have worked with for over a decade – and through her many years of working with people in a number of different capacities, she has seen a common thread – that things feel a lot more effortless and people get heck of a lot further when they hone in on their natural strengths and talents, versus trying to spend time on the things that don’t come quite as naturally. 

She has helped me through confusing days, trying periods – and helped me celebrate the good times. But over and over again, she has helped me make life heck of a lot easier by shining a light on ways to work with my nature, rather than against it

This topic has become such a passion of hers that she recently stepped very much outside her comfy coaching zone and decided to create a course around How to Supercharge Your Strengths. Hence the feature on our Everyday Legends Series – because this is all about people who have taken their passions and turned them into a way to make a profit! She is a full-time coach but this is a passion of hers, so she decided to up the conversation about this topic. I had already seen the benefits of my 1:1 work with her, so I couldn’t wait to jump into the course she created. 

This interview is packed with knowledge and lots of laughs but a few highlights include: 

  • Why positive psychology isn’t always the best solution…
  • How leveraging your strengths can get you long term fulfillment versus jumping from one quick fix to the next
  • Why Debra loved being a hairdresser more than a high corporate executive, and the reason we have to look beyond logic
  • Personal examples she has used to help me supercharge my strengths 
  • The difference between talents and tendencies
  • The framework Debra has laid out to help people discover and live in their strengths and talents
  • And much more!

I really hope you enjoy this interview and if you are interested in knowing your strengths, growing your strengths and supercharging your strengths, Debra is offering a special exclusive LYL discount on her course. You can save up to 64% if you buy October 14 before midnight on PST!


Until next time,

– Chelsea Dinsmore