The 15 Rules of OUR Global Revolution: Are You In or Are You Out?

The 15 Rules of OUR Global Revolution: Are You In or Are You Out?

In September of 2015 we lost our legendary founder, Scott Luckey Dinsmore, to an accident on Mount Kilimanjaro. However, his abundant spirit and the Revolution he inspired lives on and is stronger than ever!

In fact, it has only accelerated. In the past 15 months, the Live Your Legend movement has grown by an astounding 176,000 new subscribers, and more than 7 million of you have been inspired by Scott’s TEDx talk How to Find and Do Work You Love.

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With the rapid growth that has taken place, many of you are new here and may be wondering what Live Your Legend is all about. Here are Scott’s original words to explain the 15 Rules of OUR Revolution. We couldn’t think of a better way to light the fire that makes 2017 the year we all change the world together!

If the 15 Rules of OUR Revolution resonates with you, comment below with “I’m In!”

Enter Scott:


We are actually being the change.

We are inspiring people to find and do the work that makes them come alive.

And because of all you, it’s actually starting to make a difference.

” We believe that the world would be an altogether different place if we all did work that actually mattered to us. Because when we focus our time and talents on the work that means something to us, it starts to matter to those around us as well. That’s what starts to change the world.” –Scott Dinsmore

The 15 Rules of OUR Revolution

About the Live Your Legend Revolution – About Video from Live Your Legend on Vimeo

#1. Once You’re In, You’re In for Life.

If you commit to being intentional about the impact you want to have on the world, you will always be welcome here. Living Your Legend is a way of life. This is your home and we have your back.

#2. This Is OUR Revolution.

This Revolution is all of ours. We all contribute and make the Revolution positive and possible. There are no gurus. We are just a group of people passionately committed to making our mark on the world. It’s everyone’s responsibility to grow, share and spread the impact we’re creating.

#3. We Take Our Environment Very, Very Seriously.

No one does anything alone. The people around you create who you are. If they inspire you, you’ll be inspired. If they depress you, you’ll be depressed. Those around you absolutely must dream as big or bigger and have as much passion as you do. There’s no time for those who don’t inspire and support doing the things that matter to you and the world. Get rid of the doubters, and don’t let the empowering ones leave your sight. You are the average of your surroundings. Choose wisely. Being here is a good start!

#4. Invest the Time & Energy to Know Who You Are—No Sleepwalking Allowed!

The better you know yourself, the more likely you are to do work that matters. Study your strengths, know your weaknesses, identify your values, define your success, learn the things that excite and terrify you. Live a life congruent with who you are. Become a self-expert.

#5. There Is No Failure.

The only way to fail is to never start in the first place. To let that idea die inside of you—to leave your song unsung. To never have the courage to dance. If you try, if you take your crack at making a difference, you have already succeeded. Some things will be a home run. Others will not. But everything is learning. Failure is feedback. And when we commit to taking action, it’s all a victory.

#6. We Are All Experts. Embrace and Develop Your Knowledge.

Live your strengths. Every one of us is expert enough at something to help someone else in a unique way. Discover what that is and put it to work every day. We are all experts and we are all beginners. Constantly offer help and receive it. We’re greater together than we are individually.

#7. We Question Everything.

Always assume there’s another way. Don’t take things for granted just because everyone else does. None of you are here for an average life. Ask why. Ask how. Ask why not?

#8. We Don’t Do Things for the Money.

Money will never motivate anyone long enough to handle the swings of pursuing an idea. Passion and the desire to make a difference will. Money is important, and we must remember that our talents, positioned the right way, can be very valuable to people. But money takes the backseat; passion and impact take the front. Rarely do people get rich because they pursued wealth. They get rich because they focused their life on helping people and changing the world. Then the money starts to show up—and by then, it usually doesn’t matter anyway.

#9. We Measure Against Our Own Standards, Not Others’.

All of us have different definitions of success and goals that likely have nothing to do with those around us. So stop comparing yourself to others. You are your own comparison. Define your success and own it. Live your legend.

#10. We Believe in Everything We Do.

If you don’t have a deep emotional reason for doing the work you do, you’ll likely never do what matters. Know your beliefs. Why do you care so much about the things you do? Nothing big happens without the right reasons. Does what you’re doing actually matter? If you can’t put your heart into it, then get yourself out of it.

#11. Our Life Is an Experiment.

We constantly experiment with new people, jobs, projects and experiences. See what sticks. Without experiments, we’ll never learn anything. Without learning, we’ll get nowhere. Our life is a series of experiments – big and small. Make testing a way of life. Live outside of what’s comfortable, and never underestimate the importance of being a beginner. It’s been said that the quality of your life is proportional to the amount of uncertainty you can embrace.

#12. We Constantly Push Limits & Test What’s Possible.

We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Most things are not as impossible as we think. The only way to find out is to try. This is as important with our bodies as it is with business and life. When we start to do things we didn’t used to think were possible, the newfound confidence transfers to all kind of other parts of life. If you just pushed yourself over the finish line of your first marathon (or 5k for that matter), then why couldn’t you also find a way to double your business next year? Do your impossible. The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done, is to hang around people already doing them. Brainwash the impossible. Make it your new normal. See #3.

#13. We Learn by Doing. Taking Action Is the Priority.

The only real way to learn is to experiment. None of this matters if you don’t get out and actually do something. The magic doesn’t happen in the learning. It happens in the doing. When in doubt, do something. Anything. You have to start.

#14. We Are All Leaders—We Are All Followers. We Dance Together.

A revolution without people and energy is just an idea. We have come together because we believe in the same vision for the world. We believe that work and a career are something meant to be embraced and enjoyed. We believe in having our unique impact. We are all the leaders of that movement. It is our responsibility to take on the role of the leader. Maybe that means recruiting one friend or rallying an entire army. Lead however you were destined to lead.

Derek Sivers, a true Living Legend, puts it perfectly in his TED Talk on How to Start a Movement. A crazy dancing fool only becomes a movement when that second person decides to stand up and dance alongside him. Not as their follower, but as their equal. As an equal leader who shares the same vision and that same dream. That’s when the scales start to tip and magic happens. This revolution, this party of ours, would be nothing without you dancing alongside us. Be that first follower. Be that leader. Be the revolution. And most importantly…

#15. Be The Change & Embrace the Live Your Legend Pump-Up Theme Song!

If I could sum up our revolution in a short phrase, I’d borrow from Mahatma Gandhi:

Be the change you want to see in the world.

No matter your vision, you are where the change begins. Inspire the people around you by doing the things that inspire you.

If the 15 Rules resonate with you, please leave a comment below and tell us “I’m in!”

You are what makes all of this possible…

A unifying set of rules, when followed, makes our impact as a community far greater than the sum of its parts.

They are what allow us to do the work that makes us come alive.

They are what make this community the family that it has become.

They are also what allow an idea to turn into The Revolution.

And for this Revolution to begin changing the world.

Welcome to the party.

Welcome to the family.

Welcome to OUR Revolution.

For the comments: If you agree and commit to staying true to these principles, please take five seconds to say “I’m in!” below (or “Hell, yeah!” or whatever you find fitting…).


We’re doing our part to keep Scott’s beautiful vision a reality. You can do your part for the Revolution by joining a LYL Local event near you, or answering the highest calling and becoming a Local Host. It’s your chance to be the change you want to see in 2017.

Be the Change: Become a Local Host


Be the Change: Become a Local Host

Here’s to a Revolutionary 2017!

Are you in or out? Let us know in the comments below!

–The Live Your Legend Team