The Connect with Anyone Creed (free high-resolution PDF poster download)

The Connect with Anyone Creed (free high-resolution PDF poster download)

The Connect with Anyone Creed free download

“Making genuine connections is not a box you check. It’s a way of life. Live it.”

– The Connect with Anyone Community Creed

The Power of Giving and Helping…

A few weeks ago, Mike Paradise, a loyal member of our Live Your Legend community, sent me a simple email that went something like this…

“You should let me design the next PDF / eBook projects you have. They’ll look better, be more pleasurable to read for your audience, and create a more professional image for Live Your Legend. I’ll do it for free (if you have one under ~5 pages like the one attached – if not we can work something out).”

He saw a way he could use his unique talents to help out a cause he believed in, so he reached out and did something about it (and no, I was not offended that he said our tools good be a little more polished – things can always improve, right?).

And I’m very thankful he did.

I responded asking if he could take the core tenets from our How to Connect With Anyone course and put them into a sexy, inspiring, fun poster that members could download, print out and put up somewhere as a constant trigger and reminder of how we ought to interact with the world.

I gave him no other guidance.

And this is the masterpiece he produced. Above is a low quality snippet of the full poster to to give you a feel (you can download the full high-resolution version below).

On top of that, he even offered to create prints and have them shipped anywhere in the world (which I’ll tell you all more about in a few weeks :)).

For now I hope this serves not only as inspiration for how we treat the people around us, but as an example of how easy and powerful the simple act of selfless generosity can be.

Mike created this for our private Connect With Anyone community free of charge. But I thought you all deserved to experience it as well.

So today I want to give it to all of you in return. As a way of saying thanks for being such an important part of a movement that has taken on a life of its own – all because of you.

Download the Free High-Res Connect with Anyone Creed Poster

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Download the free Connect With Anyone Creed:

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May this work of art inspire you to surround yourself with the people who bring you to a whole new level – and to help as many people around you in the process.

Making genuine connections is not a box you check. It’s a way of life.

This is how we approach the people around us.

Read it.

Live it.

Be it.

Then go out and help someone!


P.S. A huge thanks goes to Michael Paradise for breathing a whole new life of inspiration into this project.

Michael is a freelance graphic & web designer residing in Saint Louis, Missouri. He specializes in helping businesses create their brand identity. See more of his work here.

His personal development blog, The Way of Man, focuses on developing excellence of the mind, body, and soul in order to achieve self-actualization and enlightenment. Coming Winter Solstice 2012.

If you’d like to get in touch, and tell him what you think of the Creed, I know he’d love to hear from you! You can find him on Twitter.

Here’s a little more from Michael about why he created the Creed the way he did…

“While designing this poster I tried to emphasize what I believed were the most important aspects of making new connections. To me, this culminated in Scott’s simple phrase “Believe In People.” To make genuine and lasting connections, I think it is essential to put your faith in the human race and believe that people are inherently good. Without this fundamental stance our view of the world becomes skewed, and each new person we meet is seen disparagingly as a resource to be used, a potential threat, or an opponent to be conquered. Instead we should believe that all people are sacred individuals worthy of our benevolent consideration, even (perhaps especially) those we disagree with and think misguided. With this mindset all people are your friends, even your enemies.

The rest of the phrases featured in the top half of the poster are, to me, prerequisites to being a likable and interesting person. They tell you to become a person that stands for something, someone with the courage to actively pursue their passions and lead an interesting life. It tells you to truly care about other people and attempt enhance their life with your presence. In essence, to become a unique individual hoping to share a wonderful adventure with others.

Finally, the bottom half of the poster is a practical guideline to navigating a particular social event. Here’s how it reads: “Show up and be well-groomed. See the other people at the event as friends, not strangers. Be open to conversation with them, and connect for the fun, not because you need something. Remember your new connections names – then be the connector and introduce them to others you know. Establish common ground between these people to get a conversation going, pay attention and create coincidences. Something familiar will put them at ease.

Keep track of all you say and promise, because consistency creates trust. Don’t be a know it all – while you should feel free to offer advice, be open to taking advice from others as well. Look for ways you can help out and create opportunities for other people. Keep up, hold your ground in conversation, and follow up when it’s over. Do this persistently and good things will happen. Regardless of outcome, always show your gratitude.”

You can download the full Creed here:

Don’t see a form? Click here.

Who do you know who could benefit from the Creed (and our community here)?

Please click here to share it with them on Twitter or forward this to those who need it. The world will thank you.

Now I’m off to put on the final touches to hopefully have my TEDx talk uploaded for you all next week!