The Creed of Living Legends: 21 Beliefs & Actions that Transform Who We Are (Infographic)

The Creed of Living Legends: 21 Beliefs & Actions that Transform Who We Are (Infographic)

Last week over 150 Living Legends from dozens of cities and countries offered to help or host their own local LYL events – all as a result of launching the LYL LIVE Event Field Kit. I think those actions will start to change things in a big way. This creed seemed like the proper way to follow up on the excitement – I’ve been dying to share it with you!

Download it, print it out, put in on your wall and share it with those close to you.

This is how we live. Stand tall and enjoy!

The Creed of Living Legends

So… What do you think?

Btw, the full resolution Creed is a lot bigger – makes for the perfect poster! Click the Creed to download the full image (or click here).

And if you wanted to share the love on Twitter, here are a few tweetables:

Learn by doing, but question everything and assume there’s another way. Tweet

Realize freedom is a state of mind. You’re already there. Tweet

Believe in everything you do, or don’t do it. Tweet

There is no progress without action. there is no failure, only learning. Tweet

The biggest risk is doing nothing. Do something. Anything. Tweet

Measure against your own standards not others. Tweet

Do things for the impact, not the money. Tweet

Environment is everything. Choose your friends wisely. Tweet

Everyone is an expert at something. Use your strengths to help people. Tweet

Pay attention. Act on what you learn. Be your own leader. Tweet

Life is an experiment. Push limits and test what’s possible. Tweet

Be the revolution. Do something that MATTERS. Live Your Legend. Tweet

We are what we repeatedly do.

Follow the above and life starts to get pretty interesting.

I’m damn excited about what’s to come.

How about you?



Now please share, send or email the creed to one person who could use it.

Then print it out and put it somewhere special!