The Guided-Discovery Framework for Doing Work You Love

The Guided-Discovery Framework for Doing Work You Love

When Small Projects Become Huge

Have you ever started a “small” project that ended up requiring about 10 times more energy than planned?

Seems like that’s more and more the story of my life these days …

A few months ago, I set out to make some improvements to one of our flagship courses, Live Off Your Passion.

I thought it would be a “quick” update that would take about a week.

Three months later, as of about 7 this morning, it’s finally done. And between you and me (and Liz, Glen and Cherilyn, who put a ton of sweat into it), I am damn pumped about how it turned out!

The changes ended up being so dramatic that we’re even changing the name up a bit to “Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery,” but we’ll get more to that in a second …

The Improvement Habit

It’s easy to ask why I’d invest thousands of dollars and months of time into upgrading a course that already sells well and seems to get powerful results (many success stories are posted on the updated course description page). And on top of that, why wouldn’t we increase the price to account for all the extra effort?

The easy answer is it felt like the right thing to do. 

You see, one of the most fundamental habits of any Living Legend I’ve come across is to live in a constant process of learning, creating, testing and improving.

At Live Your Legend, this process never ends.

It does not feel right to have something out in the world that you know could be a better representation of the value and impact you want to have on the people it touches. Not to mention, I’ve learned a lot about building courses and getting results for people in the past two years of running Live Your Legend, especially in creating our How to Connect With Anyone course and community last year. Oh and I’ve also learned plenty about what doesn’t work, as mentioned in last week’s rejection post. 😉

I could sit back and settle for “good enough” or pass on the wisdom I’ve gained.

The choice was obvious.

We’ve had well over 1,000 people purchase the course since its release, which means we’ve been lucky enough to have the best product improvement specialists on the planet – all of you. After all, listening to you all is the only way we’ve ever gotten anywhere around here!

Our #1 Goal is IMPACT

I first created Live Off Your Passion for one reason:

To provide a repeatable process and proven framework for finding your passions, choosing the most lucrative option and building a career around doing work that genuinely excites you … all before ever having to quit your job.

But as I continue to refine our Why and purpose at Live Your Legend, I’ve realized it’s about something more.

It’s about making an IMPACT. 

It’s about doing something that matters. Something that leverages who you are and allows you to make a dent in the world in some meaningful way – no matter how large or small. And maybe even bigger than that, to control your own destiny. To write your own script and then live it out in all its glory.

It reminds me of one of my favorite course success stories …

Kristen A“I did your very first Live Off Your Passion workbook and that was all I needed! I got my first client within two weeks and ramped up from there. Now, not quite two years later, I run a solid marketing communication agency – with a suite of clients that I adore. You’ve helped me make the transition in my life from employed to business owner. I expect to turnover $300K this year and celebrate the business’ 2nd birthday in November!

“99/100 days I love, love, LOVE what I do and I have the freedom to go see my kids at their swimming carnivals, sing at school assemblies and get kisses from lovely fur seals with them.” – Kristin A. in Sydney, Australia (read more stories like hers here)

Nothing makes me happier.

Because when we begin to spend our time doing work that makes us come alive, it inspires the people around us to do the same. Everyone benefits. And that is what begins to change the world.

But What’s So Different About Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery?

Well to be honest, just about everything.

We first launched Live Off Your Passion nearly two years ago, and it’s gone through two major updates since then. But nothing like this. In fact, I don’t think you can really call it an update. It’s more like a completely different course.

That’s why we’ve added “Guided-Discovery” to the name.

We have converted the course from a series of videos and PDF downloads, to a full-blown members-only website with guided step-by-step directions for making the discoveries that change everything. Every user has their own log-in and is paced through a series of modules that we believe will give you the best chance at actually completing the course and getting results.

We’ve used a very similar framework to our flagship How to Connect With Anyone course, which our members have loved.

Here’s a screenshot from the inside:

Live Off Your Passion Guided Discovery

Here’s a list of the major improvements to the new LOYP Guided-Discovery:

  • Interactive members-only website with guided modules and workbooks 
  • Two additional modules on testing possibilities and profiting from your passion
  • Dozens of new lessons and videos covering the more subtle subjects of making the transition and having a lasting impact
  • An uber in-depth module on transforming your surroundings – from our How to Connect With Anyone course
  • 30+ mini case studies of course participants who have gotten real results
  • An awesome new tool for connecting with like-minded people in your hometown
  • Same price as the older version
  • A 3-month payment plan so you can try it out for a lower cost
  • And probably close to a thousand other little tweaks…

I really believe what we’ve created will make a tremendous difference in the results you’ll get. And to stand behind this product, I have a special guarantee. You’re always welcome to your money back if you’re not happy with the things we create, but I wanted to take that further.

If you don’t get results from the course, you can still have your money back, but I’ll also give you a $125 coaching session for free (even though I no longer do coaching). I really want to help however I can – and you’ll get to teach me something in the process!

On Your Own or with Some Help – Make Your Impact

Pam Slim once told me that launching a product is like giving birth. It’s just the beginning. I could not be more proud of what our baby has grown into – and she’s still young!

That growth also would not have been possible without your help. It never is.

Thank you for your comments, emails, conversations and constant feedback. Everything we create comes back to what you show us you need. None of this works without you.

And remember, you do not need a course to start doing work you love. There’s never any pressure to buy what we sell. The most important ingredient is your belief in possibility and desire to do something meaningful. 95% of what we offer on LYL is totally free and might be all that many of you need. That’s great! But if you think you’d like some in-depth guided help, we’ve done everything in our power to provide something useful.

What’s most important to me is that you’re intentional about making the impact you’re meant to make.

That’s what makes things interesting.

That’s what changes the world.

Here’s to the process …

Learn. Create. Test. Improve. Repeat.



Photo courtesy of James Clear.