Asking the One Question that Most Are Too Afraid (or Unconscious) to Confront

Asking the One Question that Most Are Too Afraid (or Unconscious) to Confront


“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.”

– Claude Levi-Strauss

Today I have one very important question for you to answer for yourself – and for me – but let’s first start with a little background, because…

The Right Questions Can Change Everything

My first job out of college was pretty much a disaster. It was mostly monkey work and not useful for me or my employer. It took me about a month to realize how poor the fit was and then another six for me to finally decide to leave.

That was right around when I heard Warren Buffett’s unorthodox advice:

“Taking a job just to build a resume is like saving up sex for old age.”

That made the decision a little easier.

I left with one goal in mind: I wanted to find something I could screw up.

That’s how bad it was. I desperately wanted to have some type of an impact. I wanted to know that the work I did had the potential to actually make a difference.

That’s also about when I discovered the data from Deloitte (and later Gallup) showing that about 80% of people in the working world don’t like their job or are “actively disengaged.”

Then I started asking the one question that changed everything for me.

It was simple:

“What was it that the other 20% had in common?”

And who was I going to ask to find out?

So that’s where the quest began.

I figured there must be some set of principles, strategies, beliefs, actions or whatever that these “lucky few” had in common that allowed them to wake up excited and ready to make a difference in the world.

It was the search for these answers that taught me The Passionate Work Framework and eventually gave birth to the Revolution we’re all leading at Live Your Legend.

Nearly a decade ago, this relentless pursuit caused everything to change.

And it all started with a simple question.

So that got me thinking…

We All Have Our Own One Question – Right Now

Many of our questions might sound similar, but we each have ones that are unique to who we are and where we are right this second.

First, that must be identified, then addressed to keep us making progress.

So what’s your question?

That’s all I ask of you today.

Right now, what one question do you need answered to get you closer to making the difference you want to make? To doing work that actually excites you?

And who would you ideally like to ask?

Because, once you know what you need, you might realize the person capable of helping is closer than you think.

Because People Want to Help…

That’s the curiously nice thing about humans. We’re hard-wired to lend a hand to one another. And the easier and more obvious the issue, the more likely people are to jump at the chance to help move someone closer to victory. I’m sure you’ve done the same for others plenty of times. Few things feel better than helping someone with a problem you’re uniquely good at solving when you know they really need and appreciate it.

But that’s impossible if we don’t ask. And especially if we’ve never thought about what to ask in the first place.  

The challenge is that we often never take the time to stop, wake up and identify the question, let alone have a chance at the answer or to connect with the people here to help us find it. And as it turns out, this community of 50,000+ is eager to help and be helped. Everyone is.

I know, asking is scary.

That’s why most never do it. Because once we admit to ourselves (and the world) that we’re facing a challenge, we begin to feel more obligation to tackle it. And that added commitment is the whole damn point.

It’d be much easier to continue living blind. But what kind of life is that?

Certainly not one that you have any interest in if you’re a part of our Revolution here.

So this is what I ask of you today. Give yourself the space to ask.

What’s the one question you’d love to have the answer to in order to take the next step? Maybe you don’t know how to create or launch a product, leave a job, talk to your boss, deal with the stress, find a mentor, or choose the right task management tool. Whatever it is, anything is fair game.

Just be honest with yourself.

And for bonus points, let us know specifically who you’d like to get the answer from. Or at least the type of person.

Tell us in the comments and your response will also help me with some new tools and workshops we’re looking to build for you all in the coming months.

But most importantly, answer it for yourself – right now.

Because as soon as you identify the question, we can get to work at finding the solution. There are more people out there waiting to help than you probably realize.

Give us permission.


P.S. Wanna know my one question right now? I just left it in the comments. Come have a look!

Photo taken during a beach run in SF. That bench is my favorite seat in town! See more on Instagram.