The Passionate Work Program Founding Member’s Bonus

The Passionate Work Program Founding Member’s Bonus

Passionate Work Program | Courses + Community + Calls

Hey Legends,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick reminder about our brand new Passionate Work Member’s Program!

We all know how important it is to exercise our body, and many of us are willing to invest 5-7 hours/week in the gym. Even once you get to a good place, you still put in the time, energy and effort to upkeep, right?

But how much time do you spend exercising your mind… and intentionally looking at how you spend 40+ hours of your week?

The good news is that our newly released Passionate Work Program is sorta like the gym membership for finding more meaning and purpose in your career… a pretty important thing to look a given its how many of us spend 50% of our waking hours! It is designed to add more inspiration and education to your life in a consistent and sustainable way, alongside a supportive community to keep you motivated, even when you experience fear, procrastination, self-sabotage or doubt.

Here’s what included:

  • Monthly Q&A Call With Chelsea: An open live Q&A with Chelsea to ask personal questions about our courses, your current scenario, roadblocks, advice, feedback, etc. This group format is a fabulous way to learn more than you ever could alone!
  • Monthly Everyday Legend Interview and Q&A: One call/month to spotlight members and your everyday legends that have turned their passions into profitable businesses, so you can learn tips, advice and best practices from the everyday people out there living their legends!
  • Module of the Month: Once a month, Chelsea will share a video workshop diving deeper into a module from one of our courses. This will be a focus of the month and all throughout the month, the community will be encouraged to dive deeper and improve this area of focus, and share wins with one another so that we can all collectively grow as a team.
  • 21 Days to Discover Your Passion: A 21 daily module course specifically designed to help you uncover, and discover the things that make you feel  alive so you can start doing them. This is for the person who knows they want something different but has no idea what it is. Value: $149.00
  • Live Off Your Passion: A 10 module course designed to help you dive deeper into a “passion” you might already have identified and give you tactics to help turn that passion into a business. It follows the exact process that was used to build LYL from a hobby into a business. Value: $249.00
  • Make Your First 1K From Your Passions: A workshop that walks you through the process that gets you making money from your passions and talents, because when you prove to yourself that you can make $100, you can easily make $1,000. Value: $67.00
  • How to Connect With Anyone: A 15 module course that shares how to scale a business, a project or wherever you are by connecting with people and influencers around you. We can only do so much with our own effort but we grow exponentially from standing on the shoulders of giants! Value: $349.00
  • Private Community: We have our own private LYL community, much like a Facebook group but without the BS of Facebook! It’s all about learning, growing, improving where you are, and doing it with like-minded people.
  • Insider Access and Discounts: You will be the first to know about all the happenings at LYL and receive insider access and discounts (when applicable) on any other programs offered at Live Your Legend.

What’s meaningful to us at LYL is to serve with integrity. We do run a business which has costs associated with it so we can continue to provide more for the community, but we don’t think you should ever pay for something if it is not adding value to you. That is why anyone and everyone can trial the membership for 7 days for free.

If it’s a fit, stick around. If it’s not, don’t. No scams. Nothing locking you in. Simple as that.

However, as an incentive to celebrate the release of the program, which we announced last week , if you do want to make the commitment to grow (or maintain) your meaningful work muscles, we are offering a founding members price of: $79.00 – a 20% savings a month, and you will be locked into that price for as little or as long as you stick around!

This is an offer to celebrate opening the doors of the program (everyone likes a grand opening party with a little prosecco, right?!), so will never be offered again. It expires at midnight PST, April 10 so if it seems like a fit, be sure to join as a founding member today.


Otherwise, trial the program, and see what you think!  

I look forward to seeing you on the inside,

– Chelsea Dinsmore