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“How can I accelerate my transformation by connecting with influencers, experts, and other Living Legends?”


“I want to make a change, but I’m not sure what to do?”


“I’ve got my dream; how do I make it a reality?”

Free Self Discovery Challenge: Build a Successful Writing Habit and Leverage It to Find Your Dream Job

A free 7-day course on how to build a successful writing habit that will help begin your journey to self discovery (and build a blog alongside that, should you choose!). The course includes access to our private community of over 5,000 writers and creators – great for accountability and connections.

21 Days to Discover Your Passion: Available Now

Are you feeling lost and uninspired with your career and life and have no clue what you’re passionate about? What makes you come alive? 21 Days to Discover Your Passion is a 21-day, step-by-step guide to help you break through that barrier. It includes Passion Discovery Actions to help you build your mindset, create congruence, define your change, and set up rituals for success. Start on your journey of becoming a self-expert! These daily discoveries will build massive momentum toward doing work you love in 21 Days. 100% money back guarantee like all products.

Live Off Your Passion: Available Now

Do you have an idea of what your passionate about but unsure how to make money off your passion? This course is the first of its kind to combine the art of discovering your passion with the science of making money from it! Live Off Your Passion is our proven 8-module step-by-step process and road map designed to teach you how to build your job around your passion, strengths and talents and FINALLY get paid to do work you love. Using the full Passionate Work Framework discussed in Scott’s popular TEDx talk, you’ll be able to make life-changing progress and finally do the work you can’t NOT do. Featuring the “Begin Doing Work You Love in Under 3 Months” Guarantee. If you’re stuck, this is your solution! 100% Money Back Guarantee like all of our products!

How to Connect with Anyone

This course is for EVERYONE, no matter where you are in your journey! This award winning course is designed for introverts and extroverts using inspiring videos and real world exercises. Skills to succeed in today’s world. How to Connect with Anyone is our course that teaches you how to craft a tight-knit network of peers, mentors and influencers to build your ideal business, career, and life. Find out how to surround yourself with the people who will refuse to let you fail. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – we help you choose your 5 wisely!, There’s no better success hack on the planet than surrounding yourself with people that won’t let you fail. We can help you build that team today! This is hands-down the most valuable course we offer whether you are in search of your passion or wanting to live off your passion. It’s for everyone and includes a bonus module for introverts. 100% money back guarantee like all products.

Join Your Ultimate Mastermind Team

A mastermind is an accountability group that regularly meets to provide accountability, support, feedback and ideas to one another. It is for anyone who is looking to elevate or enhance where they are now. Enrollment for the mastermind only takes place a few times a year. And because the nature of the program gives you direct support and guidance from Chelsea, there are limited spots available. So to ensure a spot in the next round, be sure to sign up now!

Start Your Online Business: Turn Your Idea, Passion and Talents into a Six-Figure Online Business (or Blog)

5 Week Free Trial Offer! We formed a special partnership with online legends Corbett Barr & Chase Reeves at Fizzle. Both coached us on building the Live Your Legend business, site and brand from zero to what it is today. Fizzle is the most active & supportive entrepreneurship community we’ve seen, where you can get peer accountability, take part in challenges, get feedback and find people to help when you get stuck. It is the exact framework we used to build Live Your Legend into a global brand and business with over 250,000 members from every country in the world. Live Your Legend would not be successful without Corbett Barr and the Fizzle community – they won’t let you fail!

1:1 Mentorship Program

Interested in working one-on-one with Chelsea to get individual help aligning who you are with what you do? This is tailor made to an individual’s needs but a mentorship program generally focuses on:

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Overcoming challenging life situations
  • Revealing roadblocks. patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Providing guidance and assistance on a path where there is no clear path when it comes to career or life transitions
  • Providing a proven structure for making continual progress so you can stop talking about something and actually do it!

Chelsea only takes a handful of 1:1 clients, so please send her a message letting her know what you are hoping to achieve or focus on in 1:1 work.