Thank You & A Video Tribute For Scott

Thank You & A Video Tribute For Scott

Dear Living Legends,

We have been blown away by the incredible outpouring of love and tributes in the Tribute to Scott Dinsmore Facebook Group – in particular your support of each other as we move through this difficult time.

We also wanted you to know that both Scott and Chelsea’s family and friends have been doing their best to visit the group and read as many tributes as they can.

It is clear to us that this community is simply bursting with ideas and ways to honor and carry forward the Live Your Legend legacy as well as Scott.

As we mentioned on Tuesday, we have been working on some ideas for other ways that you can share your incredible love and support.

Our Invitation to you: A Special Video Tribute for Scott

We would like to invite those of you who feel compelled to do so, to record a short video tribute to Scott and post in the Tribute to Scott Dinsmore Facebook Group.

We plan on creating a very special video compilation from as many as we can for sharing with the entire LYL community (and beyond). Although we won’t be able to include everyone’s video, we plan on making sure the sentiment is captured from all of you.

As you know, Scott always took on projects of epic proportions, so we thought we should do the same!

The finer details:

  1. Record your video
    • N.B. Video shooting requirements:
      • Keep it to 1 minute max (a hard task, we know especially when it comes to talking about Scott!),
      • If you can use a tripod or have someone hold the camera (avoid selfie style filming if possible)
      • Shoot in a quiet environment with no wind or other background noise – Test the shooting first, have a look at it and make sure it looks good to avoid re-takes.
  2. What to include: This is entirely up to you. Our suggestion is to think about answering one of the following questions: “How is Scott’s legend living on with you?” OR “How has being part of the Live Your Legend community impacted your life?”
  3. Upload your video to the Facebook group by next Thursday, September 24 and entitle the post ‘[Your name – Tribute Video for Scott]’ so we can easily track them.

Whether or not you are in a position to contribute a video at this time (and we totally understand if it’s not the right time as you process this difficult news), please know how grateful we are for your thoughts, posts, comments, support, and love at this time – it means the world to so many.

If you need help with the technicalities of uploading your video we have created a short video to help you.

At Your Request: Live Your Legend T-Shirts Are Back!

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 9.41.11 AMBack in January, Scott invited the LYL community to help in creating the new T-shirt for Living Legends before he had it designed from within the community, by Cathy Broadwell. It was brought to our attention this past week that many of you have been asking where you could get one.We are not at all surprised you’d want to sport such a powerful anchor and reminder of Scott’s legacy.

Turns out that several of you from the community started buying the T-shirt again. Because of the way this company works, whenever enough of the shirts are bought, a T-shirt campaign is automatically kick-started.

So you can imagine our surprise to be notified by the T-shirt company that this campaign was going again when they had scores of shirts bought!

We’re currently working with the company to extend the time in which you’re able to buy these t-shirts, so if you would like one, they’re once again available. Given that it was the last thing from our minds at the moment, we hadn’t thought about doing this but we wanted to let you know about it, too.

Once again, thank you to each and every one of you for leading with immense love, support for each other, vulnerability, and courage as together we find a way forward.

With love & gratitude,

The Live Your Legend Team