Turning Passion Into Profit While Working Full-Time: Everyday Legends Interview with Craig from The Morning Effect

Turning Passion Into Profit While Working Full-Time: Everyday Legends Interview with Craig from The Morning Effect

Hi Legends,

Welcome to the latest installment of our Everyday Legends Series, where once/month I feature an everyday person (just like you!) who has turned their passions into profits. I hold these interviews live in our Passionate Work Program Membership so the members can ask questions live and learn even more from these legends.

Today, I am honored and excited to feature Craig, of The Morning Effect, where he helps people create better morning routines to set themselves up to create better days. Craig has been a part of Live Your Legend for many years—he has acted as a host, he has been a part of our mastermind program and is an amazing example of how to pursue your passion project without risking it all!

We cover a lot of topics in this interview that will ideally educate and inspire you on how to mindfully build up a community and launch a product to meet their needs (which means making some extra cash!) while still keeping a full-time job.

A few highlights from this interview include:

  • The process of going from idea to launch
  • How to manage a side passion project while working full-time
  • Why momentum comes from taking imperfect actions versus figuring out the perfect plan before you begin
  • Why your passion comes from your vision not necessarily from the topic
  • The surprising things that Craig has found challenging as he has gone through this process of building something from his passions…
  • And so much more!

Watch the interview below.

To check out more about what Craig is offering, with a special guidebook for LYL readers all about how to Love Waking Up & How to Customize Your Morning Routine head over to The Morning Effect.

Here’s to discovering your unique genius and sticking with it until you share it with the world.

Please let Craig and I know if you have any questions in the comments below!

About This Series
We hold these Everyday Legends Interviews live for members of our Passionate Work Program, so they can participate in a Q&A after with these amazing legends. We just interviewed Dustin, from The Rockstar Academy and next up is Debra Russell, who has been my coach for the last 15 years and just created a program called Supercharge Your Strengths!