Ask The Reader Challenge: What Are YOU Building in 2014?

Ask The Reader Challenge: What Are YOU Building in 2014?


“Your life is being built whether you know it or not. Who’s doing the building is up to you.”

– A Wise Old Man

Today I have a simple question for you…

Now that you’ve all had nearly a week to dive into our 2014 Goal Setting & Action Workbook, it’s time to share some of your big plans with us…

Last week Live Your Legend LOCAL launched with nearly 150 events in 48 countries, all on the same day.

As our first of many monthly events, the January 7th party had a focused theme. It came in the form of a question…

What are you building?

or more specifically…

What are you going to build that matters in 2014 – both to you and to the world?

For a couple of years now, this has been one of my favorite questions to avoid the standard cocktail conversation that so often starts with “So, what do you do?” and ends flat and uninspiring.

Who cares what you “do” anyway? I’m much more interested in what you’re creating. In what excites you. In the project you get totally lost in. In the idea that makes your energy contagious and inspiring. In that dream you think could actually make the world a little better place.

Not to mention, “What are you building?” makes for the perfect pattern interrupt. It causes people to do a double take as they realize they can’t reply with the standard scripted response. It’s a trigger for actually giving some real thought to the life you’re living. Try it at your next party!

Recently my friend Jonathan Fields offered this question to his community, and it reminded me how powerful it’s been for me.

So today I’d like to pose that same question to you. Please take a few minutes to give your answer some real thought.

Then tell us in the commentsWhat are you building in 2014?

Everyone Is Building Something

A career, a healthy body, a relationship, a family, a business, an idea, and most importantly, a life.

Whether you know it or not, your life is being built. You can be intentional about what you want to create in the world and the impact you want to make. Or you can let the world and society build you into whatever it wants. Odds are that the second option won’t end that pretty.

But either way, something is being created. You can either lead it or blindly follow. My favorite part is that you get to decide.

So what will it be – impact or monotony?

I’ll start…

My theme for this year is to Bring People Together.

In 2014, I am (we are) building a network of in-person communities so that no matter where someone is in the world, they can find a group of inspiring friends in their hometown who will support them in building their “crazy” ideas and doing work that matters. I like to think of it as the Toastmasters club for doing exciting, world-changing work. That is our vision for Live Your Legend LOCAL, and I’d say that after last week, and thanks to all of you, we’re off to a hell of a start!

Now over to you!

Take a minute or two and tell us…

What are you building in 2014?

Have fun with it.

And please take it seriously. Because making an impact starts with deciding you’re going to build a life worth remembering. That begins today.

Now Chelsea and I are off to do a little zip-lining in the Costa Rican jungle!


Click here to tell us What You’re Building in the comments!

P.S. A friend of mine is building something that might help you with what you’re building…

A Pilates + Yoga + Superfood Detox Retreat in Costa Rica

Amber Zuckswert, who’s an amazing yoga, Pilates and raw food nutrition guru, recently moved from San Francisco to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to pursue her dream of launching her own yoga retreat center. Chelsea and I are headed there tomorrow to check it out and cleanse our bodies a bit! I even have dreams of hosting a LYL retreat down there one of these days. But for now, Amber has a few spots left in her April retreat, and I have a feeling she won’t disappoint! Check out all the details for the retreat here.

Amber is a friend and I really believe in. I trust the impact she’s making for others, which is why I’m more than happy to partner with her on getting the word out and sharing what she’s building with all of you. I’m just sorry I can’t also attend in April, but we will be soaking it all in down here this week!

Now be sure to tell us what you’re building in the comments!

Image credit: Me looking up in awe at my first Costa Rican waterfall on the day before I got the most embarrassing lifejacket sunburn of my life. You can follow more of my personal adventure on Instagram.