Before You Quit Your Job

Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job
by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter
Pub. Date: September 2005, Warner Business Books
ISBN 0-446-69637-4
259 Pages

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Why I Read this Book:
I was about to quit my job to pursue some of my true interests. This sounded relevant. It certainly was.


A lot can be learned from Robert Kiyosaki and his experiences. I enjoy his books because they not only take an innovative perspective on things, but it is a perspective from which he lives day in and day out. I found myself at the book store a year or so ago with a pile of books having to do with Entrepreneurship and being your own boss. I was within weeks of my final day at work and to be honest, I was starting to get a bit nervous. I had nothing lined up, but that of course was the point. I did not want to have anything else lined up because I was determined to find something to do on my own. This would take creativity and as I have mentioned so many other places on this site, my creativity is at its peak when I am reading, especially when the authors have done what I want do.

This book seemed like the perfect fit. It seemed very logical to read a book entitled “Before You Quit Your Job” just before I quit mine. The funny thing is that I did not actually get around to reading it until my last day at work had come and past. As it turned out this book was much more about being a successful entrepreneur than it was about quitting any job. I think the title may be a bit misleading but it certainly got my attention. The subtitle, “10 Real-Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Building a Multimillion-Dollar Business,” is much more fitting. Throughout the book Kiyosaki (and his C.P.A. Sharon Lechter) discuss the most important aspects and necessities of being an entrepreneur. He positions them as ten lessons but through those ten he is able to get across countless tips and fundamentals that any and everyone should at least be conscious of before setting out to be successful on their own.

What I think is most powerful about this book is that it is as much of a biography about Robert’s business and lifetime trials and tribulations as it is anything else. I have mentioned before how valuable it is to read others’ life stories to get an understanding for what it took to get them to the proverbial top. Before You Quit Your Job is perfect for that. Kiyosaki is the model entrepreneur. He quit his high paying job to go out on his own, he failed, he learned, he did well, he failed, he learned and then he did very well. He discusses the various peaks and valleys that he experienced and how they have made him a better entrepreneur and business man. It is encouraging to read that Kiyosaki’s road to the top was not without some major down turns.

When it comes down to it, you are the sum of your experiences. You can either make them work for you or against you, but it is for you to decide. Robert channeled all of his experiences into a very powerful and positive energy. You can do the same.

There are a few points mentioned throughout this book that I believe are exceptionally powerful. One is the discussion about excuses. Robert emphasizes the fact that excuses are one of the easiest things to come up with and are probably the most limiting thoughts for an Entrepreneur. You cannot let excuses get the best of you. Money is the perfect example of a common excuse for not going after what you love. Some of the most successful people of our time have gotten to the top after starting with nothing. He also puts great value on continued learning, attending seminars, knowing how to sell and having a mission statement. That mission idea seems to be coming up more and more doesn’t it? Perhaps it is worth investigating.

The concept that has stuck with me the most since reading this book is the following. It is easy to stand still and do nothing. It is so easy to go to work for those 40 hours and keep getting your steady paycheck. It is so easy to keep doing what you have always done, but then of course we know you will keep getting what you have always gotten. There will never be a perfect time to make that leap out of complacency and into your dream. The hardest part is getting started. Get educated about it and start today.

Valuable Quotes:

“Entrepreneurship is an approach to management that we define as follows: the pursuit of opportunity
without regard to resources currently controlled.”
—Howard H. Stevenson, Harvard professor

“Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed.”
—Rich Dad

“In today’s rapidly changing world the people who are not taking risks are the risk takers. People who are not taking risks are falling behind.”
—Robert Kiyosaki

“Goals are important, but the process of obtaining the goal is far more important than the goal.”
—Rich dad

“An employer can be paid for being busy. An entrepreneur is paid for results.”
—Rich dad

“Too many people go to work simply to make money. A few people go to work to be of service. Different people, different missions.”
—Robert Kiyosaki

“So before you quit your job remember that your mission starts at your core, in your soul, felt in your heart, and spoken through your actions.”
—Robert Kiyosaki

“All I know is that sometimes you have to stop before you can begin again. So right now all I am doing is stopping.”
—Robert Kiyosaki discussing quitting a job before knowing what is next

“If you cannot hire and fire people, including yourself, you should not be an entrepreneur.”
—Robert Kiyosaki

“Learn to hire slow and fire fast. Take the hiring of people very seriously and slowly. Screen them
carefully. And if it is time to let them go, do it quickly.”
—Rich Dad

“Always remember, take very good care of your good customers and fire your cheap customers.”
—Robert Kiyosaki

“When two people are upset and both are talking, friction increases and communication decreases. The reason God gave us two ears and one mouth is to remind us to listen more than speak.”
—Rich Dad

“An idiot can drop their price and go broke. It takes a brilliant business person to drop their prices, cut
their margins, and get rich.”
—Rich Dad

“It is much harder to find a new customer than to keep a satisfied customer coming back.”
—Robert Kiyosaki

“Entrepreneurship is a process, not a job or profession. So be faithful to the process and remember that even when times are bad, the process will give you a glimpse of the future that lies ahead.”
—Robert Kiyosaki

“If you are going to have a big goal you need a strong mission to push you through the process. With a strong mission, anything is attainable.”
—Rich Dad

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