This is Why You’re Here: The Psychology that Makes Very Big Things Possible

whats the point of being alive - if

This is Why You’re Here: The Psychology that Makes Very Big Things Possible

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

– John Green

Why are you here?

I took the above picture somewhere between Budapest and Transylvania, a few days ago while on a 13-hour night train to the land of Dracula, our latest stop on day 101 of the world tour. I’ve now officially fallen back in love with foreign trains – between the zooming scenery and lack of activities, distractions and Internet, it creates the perfect space for pondering.

That space gave me time to reflect on something one of the attendees of our Budapest meetup asked me last week, and I realized it’s something I surprisingly hear at pretty much every large LYL event.

She had come at the suggestion of a friend (same way many people find us), and knew nothing about Live Your Legend.  So she walked up, thanked me, and casually asked…

“Ok, so what is Live Your Legend?”

I could have been direct, but instead I decided to respond with why Live Your Legend is here. With what we believe.

Because that’s the magic that makes all this possible. It’s this shared belief about why we’re here, that has allowed all of us to come together around the world, from Kenya to Kuwait, Sydney to San Francisco, Helsinki to Hungary – despite differing languages, cultures, backgrounds and religions, to take a stand for the same thing.

But at times, we forget.

In working to make change and fight the good fight, it’s easy to lose sight of what brings us together.

So today, I thought I’d quickly remind us. Then I’d like you to tell us what I may have missed. 🙂

Why You’re Here. Why I’m Here. Why We’re Here.

As you hopefully know by now, Live Your Legend exists to help you find and do work you love and surround yourself with the people who make it possible.

But here’s why it actually works…

We’re here because we believe in making a difference – both for ourselves and those around us. Because we want our life to have mattered.

We know that life is short, and instead of realizing that once it’s almost over, we choose to know it now and act accordingly.

We believe that if you don’t pursue the things you dream about today, you’ll die wishing you had.

That the biggest risk is regret.

That doing work you love is a right – as long as you’re willing to know who you are, push your own limits and surround yourself with the passionate people who are as “crazy” (or crazier) than you are.

We believe that if we can create a place where it’s ok to think differently, to take the road less traveled, to pursue the things most only think about, then we won’t feel so crazy anymore. And others will feel safe enough to join us.

That you can have access to the best tools and advice in the world, but if the people around you tell you you’re stupid for using them, they’re useless.

We believe the fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing them.

That if we dedicate our life to doing something that matters to each of us – it will start to matter to the rest of the world.

That passion is contagions, and the world wants and needs to be infected.

We believe that the way we show up and act, spreads to those around us, whether they know it or not.

That the only way to really fail is to stop trying, and that playing small serves NO ONE. Everyone is better off when you show up as YOU and don’t hold back.

We believe it is our responsibility to show others what’s possible. And no matter our struggles, we can always inspire someone else, as they also can for us.

That when we live our own legend, it inspires others to live theirs.

When we’re proud and inspired by the work we do, we treat people differently. We’re a better friend, husband, wife, parent, child and citizen of the world. And those people start to treat others differently.

As those little ripples intersect, they begin to get bigger.

And with that, the world slowly starts to change.

We believe in that possibility.

We believe in taking a stand.

In writing our own script and living a story we’d be proud for others to read.

And of course, we know that we are not alone.

Thanks to you believing what we believe, there’s more proof of that everywhere, every day…

LYLL Budapest and me over excited

LYL Local Budapest – and me possibly being a tad too energetic, especially after putting on my first LYL Ass Kicker of the Month pin, invented by our local Hungarian hosts Laura and Krisztina. So cool!

Now, take another look at the question we opened with…

What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?

If you’re reading this, something tells me you agree.

That is why we’re here.

That’s what we believe. What brings us together.

And that is what makes this whole revolution of ours possible.

I am so glad and so grateful you’re with us.

You are not alone. Not even close.

Next stop for us – somewhere in Bulgaria…

Much love,


So, what did I miss? Why are you here reading this right now? Tell us in the comments.

P.S. For a full refresher of what we believe, read back over The 15 Rules of Our Revolution.

And spend some time with our Creed of Living Legends. I noticed that Jon, a LYLer at our Amsterdam meetup, had it saved as his phone background, and later than night I saw it hanging on Lana’s living room wall – a Living Legend who had a few of us over for a delicious Filipino dinner than night…

The Creed of Living Legends