The World’s Most Powerful Question for Finding Your Life’s Work

The Dinsmores in flying capes

The World’s Most Powerful Question for Finding Your Life’s Work

 “Don’t just build a business, start a revolution.”

-Jonathan Fields, author of The Art of Revolution

Finding and doing work you love absolutely must start with self-discovery.

In creating all of Live Your Legend’s tools, articles and trainings over the years, I’ve come across endless questions and exercises to help our community make those discoveries. These questions make it possible to identify passions, and more importantly, to figure out the difference you want to make in the world.

In the past two years, I’ve come across one question that has completely transformed my vision for the impact I’d like to have on the world.

Ready for it?

Here it is…

What Revolution Will You Lead?

It’s the ultimate question.

In today’s world of near-limitless possibility, with tools that instantly connect people with shared beliefs across the planet, it’s actually a legitimate possibility to lead your own revolution of sorts.

For years, Live Your Legend was just an idea I had and something I chatted about with people over lunch. But somehow, over the course of a few years, LYL went from having Chelsea and my parents as its only followers, to now having hundreds of thousands of members from every country in the world who join and lead our movement. It also includes in-person communities in 150 cities in 48 countries and counting (Two of our most active groups are in Kuwait and Kenya!).

And this all started with a burning idea I had for helping people. It started with a small idea of the revolution I wanted to lead.

So give this huge question some thought.

What I love about the question is it forces us to incorporate many of the biggest questions when it comes to career change and legacy…

  • What difference do you want to make?
  • What about the world makes you incredibly angry?
  • What do you want to be remembered for?
  • What are you uniquely qualified, talented and/or passionate to take on?
  • How do you want to help people?
  • And most importantly, why do you care?

Thinking about your own revolution covers it all.

And anything’s fair game… Jamie Oliver’s revolution offers kids healthy food, Jesse Jacobs facilitates real-world connection through tea, Invisible Children is fighting against child soldiers in Africa, and CrossFit and SoulCycle are going toe-to-toe with the old school fitness world.

So take your pick. This stuff is more possible now than ever.

Especially with the work that Jonathan has been doing. He’s deconstructed the art of successful political and commercial revolution and crafted it into a crystal-clear 18-step framework, which he’s been giving as a keynote to the world’s most successful leaders, companies and CEO’s for years.

The cool thing is that, thanks to Jonathan’s years of friendship and mentorship, Live Your Legend has followed every one of those steps to build the movement and revolution we have here – the one that all of you have made possible.

Check out this post, where I’ve deconstructed every bit of LYL as its own case study for how it fits each of the 18 steps.

But for now think about the question… What revolution do you want to lead?

Because why just build a career or business, when you can start a revolution?

Realize you have the opportunity to do something good in the world. To make some type of a difference. Please don’t take that lightly. But since you’re a part of the LYL revolution, I know you won’t.

Use this stuff for good and come back and tell us about it. The world needs you!



P.S. In case you’re wondering where this post’s funny picture was taken, that’s just Chelsea and me wearing our capes during the color wars at Jonathan’s Camp Good Life Project last month. I was there speaking about community and specifically how I’ve (we’ve) applied Jonathan’s revolutionary framework to building local in-person communities across the world. Thank you all for giving me something to talk about. I’m grateful.